Cross-eyed Impersonators

Cross finds passion on the stage

The Cross-eyed Impersonators (CEI) celebrated thirty years of performances in 2013. The CEI has provided Christian fellowship through chancel dramas, skits, dinner theaters, and stage plays. The proceeds from the stage plays and dinner theaters are donated to many different ministry programs and other needs of the congregation. CEI also supports the Al Paye Scholarship Fund that provides financial support for Cross members who are pursuing educational opportunities in the performing arts.

The Al Paye Scholarship Fund was instituted in 1990 in honor of Al Paye, who was a very active member of Cross and CEI, helping to build the stage, working with lights and sound, and as an all-around handyman. Over the years many members of Cross have said that Al was the first person who greeted them when they visited Cross for the first time. CEI and Cross felt a great loss when Al died in 1989. The Al Paye Scholarship Fund offers support of up to $250 for members pursuing educational opportunities in the performing arts. CEI encourages members to apply for the Al Paye Scholarship. If you are interested simply contact one of CEI co-chairs Mike Pedica or Janice Kolar or email .

CEI was started in 1983 when a small group of Cross members suggested that Cross put on a short chancel drama for the sermon one Sunday. Following that, Bob Medvison, an actor in the chancel drama, suggested that Cross form a group to put on a dinner theater melodrama to generate interest and increase attendance at the congregational meeting that followed. Based on the success of the melodrama, Bob suggested the group continue to perform for Cross and the community, beginning what we know as CEI today.

CEI is part of the Fellowship Committee of Cross Lutheran Church. CEI's mission is to develop and expand our dramatic talents in order to lead our church in meaningful worship and provide creative expression to the glory of God.

All members of Cross (as well as interested community members) are welcome and encouraged to join this dynamic and fun group. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!! Along with actors we have members who participate in CEI by writing, helping with lighting, costumes, make-up, sound, staging, and many other duties that are needed to produce a play. JOIN US!!!