Christian Education & Learning

Cross teaches the Good News

At Cross we believe that each person should have a relationship with Jesus. We offer opportunities for that to happen through learning, growing, and getting connected with the guidance of caring, loving teachers.

Children Sunday School – September – May

10:00 AM Sunday school using Group's BUZZ materials for Pre-K - 3rd grade. 4th -6th meet with Charmaine Wray 7th and 8th meet with Jan Kaufman

Confirmation - Wednesday at 7pm, September - May Youth in junior high (7th & 8th) find just what they have been looking for and just what they need for a faith that will last for a lifetime. They explore vital spiritual and real-life issues, experience more in-depth learning about their faith roots and application to life. Luther's Catechism is central, as well as group interaction, dialogue, and Bible study. Retreats, social events, mentoring, and service projects are also an integral part of Confirmation at Cross.

Sunday - High School “H2O” Grapple with real life issues through discussion and creative bible studies. A variety of formats - on site and off site - are used to connect biblical truths in the best possible ways as well as social events and fund-raisers for opportunities to be with other Christian youth gatherings with guest teachers periodically.

“Out of believer's heart shall flow rivers of living water” --John 7:38

H20 is about

  • Being Informed
  • Being In Service
  • Being Together

Adult Study Groups

  • Sundays - Wired Word – with George Wojdacki
    This is a weekly offering and observation of current events and hot topics throughout the world. Using our faith perspective and personnel experiences we confront these issues head on. All opinions are respected and welcomed in contributing to a better understanding of what makes us tick.
  • Tuesdays - Weekly Adult Bible Study – with Dennis Foran and Bob Taormina
    All are welcome in this adult group that meets each week at 10:30 AM.