Who We Are

Our Core Values


We Believe God desires us to be in a growing relationship with Him and prayer is the foundation of that relationship. Because of this we have the privilege of speaking directly to God. Prayer involves two-way communication; sharing our honest thoughts and feelings with God, and listening for God's message to us. Prayer takes many forms, alone or with others, casual conversation or formal written language. However, the essence of prayer is open dialog and a sense of Oneness and connection with the Source of all. God speaks to us in His Word, and prayer becomes an integral part of our daily communication with God.
(Luke 11:1-13; Matthew 5:33)


We Believe worship is our opportunity to honor and respond to a gracious God. During worship, we praise and bring adoration to God through a variety of creative formats, from a variety of music and liturgies, dramatic arts, and multi-media. Worship involves the spoken Word and Holy Communion. The Word is God's revealed love and grace. Holy Communion is the tangible gift Jesus instructed us to remember Him by. In worship Jesus renews and strengthens our relationship with God.
(John 4:23-24; Psalm 95:1-2; Psalm 149 & 150)


We Believe Jesus is accepting of all people and his life was filled with relationships and friendships, small groups, and gatherings with all ages and types of people. In his commandment to "love one another as I have loved you," he seeks to bring us together to know the joys of friendship, support, encouragement, and love as we journey through life. Therefore, we seek to live as Jesus commands and we accomplish this by welcoming all that is good about diversity, harmony, love, laughter, sharing, honesty, direct communication, and personal caring.
(Genesis 1:27; John 3:16; Mark 12:28-31; John 13:34-35; Acts 2:42; Luke 5:12-15; Mark 2:1-12)


We Believe learning is an integral element to following Jesus. This involves us being attentive to God's Word and becoming an example of Christ-like love. As followers of Jesus we strive to deepen our faith through life-long learning opportunities of prayer, study of God's Word, weekly worship, and service to the community. God's Word is the foundation for our teaching and learning to all ages.
(Mark 8:34; Colossians 3:15-16; John 14:25-26; Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 12:1-11)


We Believe Jesus asks us to interact with others in the world. We seek to freely give of ourselves in service in ways that demonstrate God's love to others. We seek to bring God's love to others by caring for people's needs; feeding the hungry, assisting the poor, healing the ill, and comforting the lonely. All with open doors to the community. When we are able to put others before ourselves, we share by example the wonderful power of love that God has given through Jesus Christ.
(Matthew 5,6,7; John 13:14-15; Luke 13:10-13)